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Marrel Founded in 1919, Marrel acquire fame by launching on the market the first tipper bracket and cable. The company will quickly grow thanks to its capacity for innovation. His name is associated with major technological advances have advanced the industry. Marrel is, among other things, the inventor of the hydraulic arm "hook lift", the loader, and the compass. Today, the company is a leading Marrel European equipment mounted on vehicles.



Key Dates

1919: Creation of bins Marrel

1935: Appearance of tipping hydraulic

1965: Invention of the compass Marrel

1968: Marrel becomes exclusive distributor of HMF cranes

1970: Invention of the ampliroll Hook Lift

1980: Establishment of the U.S. Marrel

1998: Entry into the group Marrel Caravelle

2005: Separation of Marrel and creation of subsidiary Tipper Marrel

2006: Introduction to Hook rangearticulated jib

2010: Marrel sells its Marrel Tipper Benalu to society


Caravelle makes a total turnover of 375 million euros and employs over 2,000 employees across its subsidiaries. It has a branch equipment for industrial vehicles, a branch pharmacy and a branch of engineering and computer .

In 1998, Marrel joined the Caravelle Group , which also controls companies Edbro, Lamberet and Benalu.